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SmartPalate Program

SmartPalate Therapy is an interactive sensory software that provides visual feedback on speech patterns and oral structure in real time. The program allows the student to visualize the tongue positions that correspond to specific vocal sounds as he speaks.


Smart Palate includes a custom mouthpiece, similar to an orthodontic retainer, with gold-metal sensors that detect tongue structure and placement on the palate. Also included is an audio input device that overlays speech patterns with their corresponding oral structure, as well as a visual representation of the palate projected through the software onto a computer screen.  


The visual aspect provides a diagram of the accurate oral structure in real time and reinforces motor memory for proper pronunciation and articulation. This therapy cuts speech therapy time down considerably for most children and preps the mouth for braces.      


SmartPalate is recommended for those with persistent articulation problems that have not been corrected by regular speech therapy.

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