Carol Krakower, M.A. CCC-SLP

Brook 35 Park

2130 Highway 35, Suite 311

Sea Girt, NJ 08750

Serving Monmouth County and Ocean County





Carol Krakower has over 20 years of experience and is specially trained and certified in a variety of services to help you meet your speech and language goals. The services available at Cornerstone Speech & Language use cutting-edge research, interactive technology, and the most extensive training programs to create a customized therapy experience for you or your child.

The services available at Cornerstone Speech & Language include:

Speech Therapy for:
·        Articulation
·        Apraxia
Oral Function Therapy for Myofunctional disorders
·        Tongue Thrust
·        Tongue Tie
·        Swallowing Disorders
Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT) utilizes sensory awareness training to help people with Parkinson’s recognize which levels of their perceived vocal exertion correspond to normal conversational limits and to regulate speech accordingly. Read more...
SmartPalate Therapy is an interactive sensory software that provides visual feedback on speech patterns and oral structure in real time. The program allows the student to visualize the tongue positions that correspond to specific vocal sounds as he speaks. Read more...
Theory of Mind refers to the ability to understand the motivations and perspectives of others, and how that relates to oneself. Children with autism report exactly what they see and know but miss what someone else might think, know, or believe. Read more...
We offer expertise in the comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of speech, language and communication. Parents or school districts who want to explore different options for a child and the most appropriate treatment may contact us for an evaluation, a “second opinion” or an outside consultation for a Child Study Team. Read more...
Professional speech is more than just words: how you hold your body, how you modulate your voice, how you select topics for your intended audience all convey meaning. Read more...


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